Looking to increase the speed
of you windows computer?

There are many ways to increase the speed of your windows computer, we will
mention the steps you can take in doing so.

This is an informative website designed to help people speed up their windows computer's

All of the tutorials are from a Windows 10 computer, the other windows operating systems like windows 7 and windows 8 will be similar on how to get to the steps that will be presented on this website.

How it is all works

I have summed up the ways to increase the speed to your windows into seven different categories, each has its purpose, and we will explain why at a beginners level.

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Cleaning Files and Programs

Cleaning unwanted files and programs is the first step in speeding up your computer.

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Optimize Settings

Setting up your computer to the appropriate settings is an easy way to speed up your computer.

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Defragment Drives

Defragmenting your drives will connect your files and programs to ensure the best speeds.

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Keep Windows Updated

Your windows operating system and defender need to be updated and checked regularly.

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Programs to Download

There are a few of optional programs you can download that will help you clean and optimize your PC.

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Basic security can go a long way into keeping you safe from virus that could damage your computer.

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Enhance Gaming

There are programs you can download and tasks you can do to ensure you have high FPS.

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